Histoacryl Flexible

The topical tissue adhesive and microbiological barrier product Histoacryl® Flexible consists of n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate and a softener. For easy assessment of the thickness of the layer which has been applied, Histoacryl® Flexible is colored blue.


  • Closure of Minimal-Tension Skin Wounds From Clean Surgical Incisions and Simple, Thoroughly Cleansed, Trauma-Induced Lacerations
  • Microbiological Barrier in the Closure of Clean Surgical Skin Wounds and Simple, Thoroughly Cleansed, Trauma Induced Lacerations


  • Flexibility – Allows Closure of Incisions Up to 25cm
  • Microbial Barrier – Polymerized Histoacryl® Flexible Adhesive Films Are an Effective Microbial Barrier
  • Ease of Use – Ready to Use Product Storable at Temperatures Below 25°C
  • Accuracy – Special Tip Permits a Better Control and Improved Application
  • Excellent Cosmetic Results – Cyanoacrylate Based Topical Skin Adhesives Yield Excellent Cosmetic Results

Product Overview

Content / Box
Cat. No.
Blue10 ampoules per box1051260-P