FDA approved Histoacryl® Topical Skin Adhesive is the proven choice for wound closure with over 40 years of clinical experience and more than 1000 articles in clinical publications worldwide.

Manufactured by B. Braun, Histoacryl® consists of n-Butyl-2 Cyanoacrylate. This sterile, liquid topical skin adhesive is available in two formulations: Histoacryl® and Histoacryl® Blue. Histoacryl® is translucent, and Histoacryl® Blue contains a blue dye in order to make it easier to see the adhesive being applied. Histoacryl® and Histoacryl® Blue polymerize in seconds upon being exposed to water or water containing substances like human tissue. Histoacryl® and Histoacryl® Blue are supplied in 0.5 ml single patient use plastic ampoules.

All references to Histoacryl® on this site refer to both Histoacryl® Topical Skin Adhesive and Histoacryl® Blue Topical Skin Adhesive unless stated otherwise.

Comparative testing in accordance with ASTM F 2458-05, unpublished data:

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