Feature Benefit
No contact with wound is necessary when applying Histoacryl®, allowing for less traumatic wound closure. Improved patient comfort and less risk of disrupting wound edges.
Histoacryl® seals quickly and polymerizes in just 30 seconds. Significantly faster wound closure than sutures as well as other legally marketed skin adhesives.
Only a single layer of adhesive is necessary to achieve a full strength bond. Cost effective and saves time.
Histoacryl® sloughs off naturally in 7 to 10 days. A follow-up visit for suture removal is not required. Increased patient convenience and reduced physician time.
Histoacryl® acts as a barrier to microbial penetration as long as the protective adhesive film remains intact. The microbial barrier properties were demonstrated by in-vitro studies. Seals out common forms of bacteria that may cause infection.
Applying light pressure to the ampoule dispenses adhesive accurately. Histoacryl® may be applied as minute drops or as a thin film along the edges of the wound. Precise, controlled, non-clogging, easy-to-use ampoule.
Histoacryl® polymerizes when exposed to water or water containing substances like human tissue. Unlike other legally marketed skin adhesives, Histoacryl® will not clog or dry out when opened. Less product is discarded and one ampoule is often all that is needed for an entire procedure.
State of the art membrane filtration technology is used to sterilize Histoacryl®. As a result, no stabilizers are necessary. Histoacryl® is the purest medical grade cyanoacrylate adhesive on the market with the fastest setting time and the greatest tensile strength.
Histoacryl® has been utilized for wound closure for over 40 years with more than 1000 clinical publications worldwide. Histoacryl® is the proven choice for wound closure.


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